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Landmark MGA announce: Opening Landmark Commercial Direct & Avichayil Geller as Managing Director

Landmark MGA today announced the opening of the MGA Landmark Commercial Direct and the appointment of Avichayil Geller as Managing Director of this new enterprise.

Avichayil will be responsible for the profitable growth of Landmark Commercial Direct from the Watford office. Avichayil initially started his career in creating and incubating intellectual properties across multiple markets ranging from media & entertainment to financial services software development and innovation. In 2011 he developed the ‘Q Engine’ which accelerated business uptake and efficiency exponentially for its users. A strong leadership quality that has an emphasis on maximising the potential of all aspects of his team, Landmark Commercial Direct will be a pioneering and powerful asset to the Landmark Group.

Ross Lazaroo-Hood, Group Chief Executive Officer, “We are delighted to incubate Landmark Commercial Direct and welcome Avichayil Geller as Managing Director for this MGA within Landmark MGA Ltd. Avichayil has the right skills and experience to develop this new MGA, growing the business and his team over the coming years within the Landmark brand”. 

David Robinson, Group Chief Underwriting Officer,” We welcome Avichayil Geller to Landmark. Landmark MGA Ltd will provide the right platform for Avichayil and his team to thrive and develop. The new MGA team will implement new products throughout 2020 in which we are feeling exuberant, enthralled and elated to bring him and his team on board. We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.

Sitki Gelmen, Group Chief Financial Officer, “An exciting time for Landmark MGA Ltd with our first incubated MGA, Landmark Commercial Direct, Avichayil Geller brings enthusiasm and leadership skills which will both be enjoyed by Landmark Commercial Direct and our brand for the future”. 

Avichayil Geller,” I am extremely pleased to be partnering with Landmark MGA, who have assisted in the set up of my new MGA, working with the team to establish Landmark Commercial Direct at a time when insurance is going through exciting changes speaks to my work ethics and aspirations. Our journey starts now and it will be an enjoyable future for all involved”


Liliana Neugebauer joins Landmark Commercial Direct as Head of Social Media & Public Relations

Landmark Commercial Direct announces that Liliana Neugebauer has been appointed as Head of Social Media & Public Relations.

Avichayil Geller, MD of Landmark Commercial Direct,” I am delighted that Liliana Neugebauer has accepted the role of Head of Social Media & Public Relations. I look forward to the exciting developments to be announced for Landmark Commercial direct during 2020 and onwards.”

Liliana Neugebauer," I am very please to be joining Landmark Commercial Direct and nurturing the content for its development into 2020 and beyond".


Landmark announces major sponsorship of Jodie Lynchfor 2020 and 2021, BMX Champion, Jodie will also be taking on the role as Brand Ambassador to Landmark with immediate effect.

Landmark announces major sponsorship of Jodie Lynchfor 2020 and 2021, BMX Champion, Jodie will also be taking on the role as Brand Ambassador to Landmark with immediate effect.  

The 2020 and 2021 sponsorship for Jodie Lynch, who is a highly respected BMX racer, is another fantastic partnership for Landmark. Joining Esmee Hawkey and the Westminster Wanderers who are already within the Landmark Ambassadorship scheme. During her Brand Ambassador role for Landmark Jodie will attend Q&A session lunches and other events during 2020 and 2021.  

Jodie started her BMX career at age 10. She has held the All Ireland championship title in 2017,2018 and 2019. Ulster Championship title in 2018 and 2019. Irish National title, 2017,2018 and 2019. 

A brief glimpse into Jodie’s career: 

In 2016 saw her achieve 5th place in the Irish National Series. 

2017 was a great year for Jodie as she took the podium at each event to finish the Irish national series on top of the leader board and ranked number 1 in Ireland. As well as the Irish National Series Jodie competed for the 1st time in the Ulster championship Jodie had another major achievement by gaining the number 2 spot during her first year. 2017 also saw Jodie taking her career into the UK to compete against the top riders. Jodie competed in a few of the British national events and this gave her an insight of where she needed progress to, with just a few of these events completed Jodie finished the season ranked number 32.

2018, at age 14, Jodie pushed herself to move into the 15+ age group for the national series where again she made podiums at each event and came away with the Irish National title once again. In the UK Jodie had a good season against these top riders getting quicker as the season went on with a B final win at the end of the season to finish with a British national ranking number 13.

2019, age 15, Jodie came back even stronger taking wins in every qualifier and final securing her the Irish National number 1 position once again. Jodie’s coach Eric Williams, CEO & Founder at Horsepower Speed & Performance, has assisted with her return to the UK and she was invited to join Southampton based DC Cycles BMX Race Team for the 2019 season. Giving determination to make the main events with a podium finish (3rd) at Peckham and finished the season ranked British national number 6 in the UK.

2020, will see Jodie move up a class to Irelands superclass riders. She will, however, ride her own class at the All Ireland Championship and the Ulster Championship as it's the rule you must race your own age category for these defending her titles. As well as developing in the UK with an invite to continue racing with the Southampton based DC Cycles BMX Race Team and looking to move into the European Championships. This will help with her aspirations to compete in the 2024 Paris Olympics. 

Jodie Lynch has shown her exceptional talent and competitive nature throughout her career to date and brings her in line with Landmark’s own philosophy for all its core businesses. 

Regarding the partnership Jodie has said, “I am excited to partner with Landmark. Landmark have a proven record that shows that working hard and collaborating as a team is the way to achieve successes.

As a young woman I am also proud that Landmark, ascompany has signed up to the UK insurance industry pledge, demonstrate their commitment to a culture where inclusive behaviours are the norm and where everyone is accepting of diversity which is exciting for their industry as a whole”.

Landmark’s Group CEO, Ross Lazaroo-Hood, has said, “We at Landmark are excited to welcome a champion of Jodie’s calibre into our Ambassadorship scheme. Supporting talent is key to both our Ambassadorship programmes and in the Landmark Family”. 


Roger Millgate joins Landmark Underwriting today as the Head of Global Professional Indemnity

Roger Millgate joins Landmark Underwriting today as the Head of Global Professional Indemnity with responsibility for all Professional Indemnity underwriting operations. 

He has responsibility for the development and implementation of our Professional Indemnity strategy with David Robinson, our Group CUO, plus looking at new business opportunities with our strategic broking partners. 

Roger initially started his career on the broking side with MIPI a division of JH Minet, then as an International PI Underwriter for 7 years for Brit before being invited to join Channel as Class Underwriter to establish the International Commercial PI portfolio and latterly as Senior Underwriter at Liberty.

Roger has over 30 years’ experience within the Financial Risk and Professional Liability Insurance.

Ross Lazaroo-Hood, Group Chief Executive Officer, “We are excited for Roger to join Landmark Underwriting and head our Professional Indemnity operations, he brings more than 34 years of specialist PI Underwriting experience and market relationships”. 

David Robinson, Group Chief Underwriting Officer, “Roger has a vast underwriting background and leadership skills which will significantly enhance Landmark Underwriting’s PI team’s growth plans for the future”. 

Roger Millgate,” I am delighted to join Landmark Underwriting at this exciting time of their growth and work with the Professional Indemnity team to develop existing and new relationships”.


Landmark Underwriting is the new shirt sponsors for Westminster Wanderers 1st team

Landmark Underwriting are delighted that they will be taking over from Integro as the new shirt sponsorship for the Westminster Wanderers First team for the 2019/2020 season. ​​​Westminster Wanderers Football club’s First team will be joining Landmark as Brand Ambassadors with our Esmee Hawkey.


Westminster Wanderers are a successful Sunday League Football Club. Annual tours as far as New York City and Reykjavik​​.

The team have players from politics, researchers, advisers, public affairs, policy, the civil service, PR, journalism, academia and beyond, and are cross-party. The growth of the club has only come about because they are well organised and attract and retain good players.​ Having been founded in 1999, the upcoming season will be the Wanderers’ 20th anniversary, and we’re aiming for some more silverware in the cabinet.​​


You can see more about Westminster Wanderers in the Southern Sunday Football League pages in the London section of Football Mitoo. Club Chairman is Alex Aiken the Head of Communications for the UK Government.


Landmark attending Monte Carlo 2019 Conference

To learn more and arrange an appointment to meet the team from Landmark Underwriting in Monte Carlo please email: S.Gelmen@Landmarkholdinggrp.com 


Landmark Underwriting’s article in the Intelligent Insurer has been released

Landmark Underwriting’s article in the Intelligent Insurer has been released in the MGA’s special edition. The article is on Supporting Brand Identity. Click on the link to learn more:



We are attending the MGAA Conference 2019

Landmark Underwriting are going to the Managing General Agents'​ Association conference next week. Members from our teams will be on hand to discuss all things Landmark and how we can equip you to get the best from a partnership with us. 


Brian Denton joins Landmark Underwriting

Landmark Underwriting is delighted to welcome Brian Denton to the Landmark Professional Indemnity team as consulting underwriter.

Brian, previously had been at Wurttembergische Versicherung Insurance Company, Antares Syndicate and Pioneer underwriters, he held the positions of Class Underwriter / Head of Professional Liability at all of these successful Insurers.  

He has over 43 years experience in the London market and has extensive knowledge of all aspects of International Professional Indemnity Insurance. 


Landmark celebrating their first anniversary

The Landmark team celebrating their first anniversary at the House of Lords, say thank you to all those that have got us this far.  Here’s to the next twelve months ...


W Series picks their drivers & Landmark Underwriting's Ambassador is one of them

Landmark Underwriting's Ambassador Esmee Hawkey has been selected as one of the 18 W Series Racing drivers for this the inaugural year of the event. Congratulations from the team at Landmark Underwriting.


Landmark Underwriting announces major sponsorship

Landmark Underwriting announces major sponsorship of Esmee Hawkey, Esmee will also be taking on the role as Brand Ambassador to Landmark Underwriting. 

Click to learn more


Tom McGrath CBE FCII joins Landmark Holding Group and Landmark Underwriting as Non-Executive Director

Mr. McGrath who worked for Marsh Ltd for 34 years involved in a number of roles including Managing Director of Marsh McClennan Inc., has been appointed as Non-Executive Director at Landmark Holding Group and Landmark Underwriting.  

He is a well known figure in the London Insurance market and is a member of the Lloyd's of London 30 year club.

He developed an interest in standards in the insurance industry and served a 6 year term as the retail broking representative on the Chartered Insurance Institute Professional Standards Board and is a past examiner in the subjects, Management of Insurance Broking and Liability Insurance. He served two terms as President of the Belfast Insurance Institute.

He was awarded the CII Distinguished Service Medal in 2008.

In addition to a career in Insurance he has held a number of Government appointments including: ;

Chief Commissioner of the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland (2009-2019). 

Chair of Belfast High School 2009-2012.

Chair of the Northern Ireland Tourist Board (2003-2008). 

Chair of Northern Ireland Business Education Partnership (2004-2006). 

 Board member of the Probation Board Northern Ireland (2000-2003).

 Chaired the Board of Rathgale and Whiteabbey Training  Schools (1985-2000).

He was Director of the Ireland Funds (1998-2007), served as a Committee Member of The Prince's Youth Trust & NSPCC Special Appeal and Chaired the George Best Memorial Trust.

Tom McGrath is a Fellow of both the Chartered Insurance Institute and the Institute of Administrative Management.  He is also a Chartered Insurance Broker. 

Tom has been involved in risk management activity with a number of professions, particular Solicitors and Insurance Brokers.

Since retiring from broking he has been carrying out Independent file reviews for Lloyd's syndicates in addition to taking instructions as a professional witness in matters of brokers negligence and policy wording disputes in the 4 jurisdictions in these islands i.e. England and Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Republic of Ireland. 

He is a frequent contributor at Conferences and has appeared at National BIBA, BIBA Scotland, CCBE(Athens), Professional Indemnity Forum conference and at Brokers in house training sessions.

Tom was appointed OBE in 1997 and advanced to CBE in 2007.

"Joining the Boards of Landmark Holding Group and Landmark Underwriting as Non-Executive Director is a privilege and will be rewarding to see this young group of companies grow, he said, "Landmark Underwriting, their first MGA, will continue in the work achieved so far and together I look forward to their exciting approach in this challenging market.

Group Chief Executive Ross Lazaroo-Hood is delighted to welcome Tom to the team noting Tom's highly regarded position in the Insurance market with vast experience to Board-level expertise that will assist to grow our existing proposition and expand into other lines and further MGAs. 

Tom will be working with Ross Lazaroo-Hood (Group CEO), Sitki Gelmen (Group CFO) and David Robinson (Group CUO) on the overall strategy and future direction of the group.


We are attending the MGAA Conference 2018


July 12th 2018

Meet the Landmark team at the MGAA Conference 2018

If you are going to be there and would like to speak to a member of our team about potential opportunities,  it would be great to meet you and discuss your business. 

Read more about the event here: https://www.mgaa.co.uk/MGAA_R/Conference/2018_Conference/2018_Conference.aspx?WebsiteKey=f52bbd25-5049-443e-a3fd-de402c0a6c20

Sitki Gelmen Group CFO


Landmark Underwriting joins the Managing General Agents’ Association (MGAA)


David Robinson, Group CUO, is pleased to announce that Landmark Underwriting has joined the Managing General Agents’ Association (MGAA). 

The MGAA is a non-profit making organisation that represents UK managing general agents. It also represents members’ interests in discussions over legislation and regulation which may impact them. In addition it sets best practice guidelines and works actively to improve the Underwriting Agency sector’s professionalism, stability and competitiveness. 

Landmark Underwriting is delighted to become an active member of MGAA.  

For more information on the MGAA, please visit www.mgaa.co.uk.

May 2018


Landmark Underwriting


"Launched in 2018, Landmark Underwriting will establish itself as one of the go to markets as a niche and specialist London-based MGA. 

As our company and teams grow globally with our underwriting platform I am excited with the vision we are striving to build and what promises to be an exceedingly successful company. 

The launch of each new division communicates our commitment to grow and develop our family here at Landmark Underwriting, strategic broking and client relationships working as partners. 

I now look forward to providing our professionalism and our valued service commitments within Landmark Underwriting throughout our future and partnerships."  

Group CEO 

Ross Lazaroo-Hood

February 2018


Landmark Underwriting Acquires Greenwich Underwriting

February 2018


Landmark Holding Group's New Group CUO David Robinson

March 2018


Stay with us for more News coming soon in 2019