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Landmark Underwriting announces major sponsorship

Landmark Underwriting announces major sponsorship of Esmee Hawkey, Esmee will also be taking on the role as Brand Ambassador to Landmark Underwriting. 

Landmark Underwriting announces today that Esmee Hawkey will take the role of Brand Ambassador for 2019.

The sponsorship for 2019 for Esmee Hawkey, who is a highly respected race car driver, is an exciting partnership for Landmark Underwriting. In her 2018 Carrera Cup rookie season she impressed everyone with finishing the Pro Am season in 2018 in 5th place with GT Marques, collecting 3rd place in the opening weekend at Brandshatch, 2nd place at the Monza circuit. She is currently competing for a place in the 1st ever W Series, if successful she will compete in both the W series and Carrera Cup during 2019.

Esmee Hawkey’s immense talent and competitive nature is one that showcase’s Landmark’s own similar qualities, she has her eye square on title in 2019 and wining that place in the W Series.

During her Brand Ambassador role for Landmark Underwriting she will attend Q&A session lunches and other events during 2019. Regarding the partnership Esmee has said, “ I am delighted to represent my partnership with Landmark Underwriting. Landmark may be a young Managing General Agent however, they have their sights firmly on the future and a steady expansion. Landmark Underwriting has also signed for the UK insurance industry pledge, demonstrating their commitment to a culture where inclusive behaviours are the norm and where everyone is accepting of diversity which is exciting for their industry as a whole”.

For further information on Esmee see issue 3 of The Landmark Slip: