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Landmark MGA announce: Opening Landmark Commercial Direct & Avichayil Geller as Managing Director

Landmark MGA today announced the opening of the MGA Landmark Commercial Direct and the appointment of Avichayil Geller as Managing Director of this new enterprise.

Avichayil will be responsible for the profitable growth of Landmark Commercial Direct from the Watford office. Avichayil initially started his career in creating and incubating intellectual properties across multiple markets ranging from media & entertainment to financial services software development and innovation. In 2011 he developed the ‘Q Engine’ which accelerated business uptake and efficiency exponentially for its users. A strong leadership quality that has an emphasis on maximising the potential of all aspects of his team, Landmark Commercial Direct will be a pioneering and powerful asset to the Landmark Group.

Ross Lazaroo-Hood, Group Chief Executive Officer, “We are delighted to incubate Landmark Commercial Direct and welcome Avichayil Geller as Managing Director for this MGA within Landmark MGA Ltd. Avichayil has the right skills and experience to develop this new MGA, growing the business and his team over the coming years within the Landmark brand”. 

David Robinson, Group Chief Underwriting Officer,” We welcome Avichayil Geller to Landmark. Landmark MGA Ltd will provide the right platform for Avichayil and his team to thrive and develop. The new MGA team will implement new products throughout 2020 in which we are feeling exuberant, enthralled and elated to bring him and his team on board. We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.

Sitki Gelmen, Group Chief Financial Officer, “An exciting time for Landmark MGA Ltd with our first incubated MGA, Landmark Commercial Direct, Avichayil Geller brings enthusiasm and leadership skills which will both be enjoyed by Landmark Commercial Direct and our brand for the future”. 

Avichayil Geller,” I am extremely pleased to be partnering with Landmark MGA, who have assisted in the set up of my new MGA, working with the team to establish Landmark Commercial Direct at a time when insurance is going through exciting changes speaks to my work ethics and aspirations. Our journey starts now and it will be an enjoyable future for all involved”.